The first book in a new series by M.M. Williams; “Adelaide Addisswell and the Release of the Sylvern” follows the adventures of Adelaide after she awakens late one night and encounters a small, angry ball of fur lurking beneath her bed.


Cattermole is his name and bossiness is his game. But he's not there just to give Adelaide a good telling off; he needs her help. Together Adelaide and Cattermole embark on a journey to unleash one of nature's most awesome forces: The Sylvern
A most terrible monster. A beast that can fly in the air yet lives beneath the water; A beast with a furnace in its belly and fire on its breath; A beast with a body of silver, with silver feathers on its wings and cruel silver talons on its feet.
Adelaide lives in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia; a place of majestic mountains and misty valleys; of dim, damp forests and deep, dark lakes; a place where strange creatures lurk in the shadows and danger lies in wait for the unwary. After the Sylvern, the next most dangerous of these creatures is, of course, the monty weeper.
"What is a monty weeper?" I hear you ask. Well, to tell the truth, no one is exactly sure. Cattermole describes them as "one of the greatest evils known to the world".  Adelaide calls them "razor-tongued balls of sticks". To look at they appear to be a wild, scrofulous ball of fuzz running about on two legs, wielding a razor-sharp tongue (see below). They seem to be covered in small twigs, or branches, glued together with moss, although it is hard to tell if this is something that they wear or something that grows from them. Tentacles project from their bodies and they have glittering green eyes. Whether they are plant or animal or "what" I leave entirely up to you. But certainly they leave a nasty gash when they attack with those razor-sharp tongues of theirs. I have the scars to prove it! Not the sort of creature any sensible person would ever want to meet!
"So where do I find them?" I hear you ask.
Well, if you insist, I will tell you, but don't say that you haven't been warned! I would advise you to keep well away from monty weepers and if you are ever unfortunate enough to encounter one, to run for your life! But who am I to tell you what to do?
If you must see a monty weeper then perhaps it would be best if  you went on THE GREAT MONTY WEEPER HUNT. (click on button at top of page)
You can see from the picture above that monty weepers are frightfully difficult to spot in the forest as they are so perfectly camoflauged when sitting in a tree or a bush. This camoflauge effect is enhanced by the monty weeper's trait of "freezing" upon being observed: That is; they will remain completely still when you look at them ​and will not move until you have gone away.

 Click on the "GREAT MONTY WEEPER HUNT" button at the top of this page to find out more about the places where you may see a monty weeper and how to find them.

The monty weepers inhabit a vast fortress in the wild forests of the most remote parts of the Yarra Valley. For your safety the location of this fortress must remain a secret. The monty weepers do not welcome visitors and it is unlikely that you would ever return to tell the tale if you were, by some unhappy chance, ever to stumble across their stronghold. But you may, if you are lucky (or not, depending on your point of view) and eagle-eyed, and good at working out clues, spot one of these nefarious creatures out in the forest, going about their daily business and doubtlessly up to no good!